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Agile Leaders. Empowered Teams. Outcomes Achieved.

By building more resilient and diverse teams, and helping them achieve lasting organizational transformation, Pearl helps companies grow and evolve into thriving organizations where people love to work.

Peak Performance

Master the moment. When the stakes are high, exceptional performance is paramount. Pearl's Peak Performance Coaching empowers you to rise above challenges and achieve extraordinary results.

Diversity & Inclusion

Experience Matters. Learn how to harness the unique perspectives and strengths of your people, encouraging in-house mentorship and creating a thriving company culture.

Talent Support

Pearl cultivates agile leaders that know how to leverage the skills of their employees, leading to happier, more synergized teams.

Data-Driven Results

We teach you how to take the right kind data and use it to work smarter.

Thriving Companies Need Outcomes-Based Approaches

Pearl helps make your organization a place your employees love to work at! By focusing on your desired outcomes and transforming them into actionable goals, Pearl empowers you to cultivate a happier and more productive workforce.

Happier Employees, Better Outcomes

Your people are key to your businesses success. Pearl helps your people leverage their strengths, reach their potential and achieve their goals.

Professional Development

Through personalized coaching, we help your team members thrive. Our coaches provide the support and guidance each person needs to become their best self, leading to greater fulfillment, well-being, and effectiveness at work.

Customized Tools

Our workshops, resources, and personalized action plans equip your team with the skills and knowledge needed to achieve goals and surpass expectations.

Employee Wellness

When employees feel their best, they do their best work. We take an evidence-based, personalized approach to support your team's mental fitness, boosting happiness and productivity.

Meet Our Founder

Karrie Grama-Hatfield

A self-professed data junkie, Karrie uses an outcomes-based approach to achieve team growth.

Karrie works as a supportive strategist who builds AMAZING teams, leveraging data and analytics to prioritize growth opportunities, and providing insights to help teams drive strong results. With over two decades of experience in the public education and social services sectors, and a rich background in instructor training and coaching, Karrie specializes in engineering workplace environments where all individuals thrive, and helps teams re-imagine their practices to achieve desired outcomes.

Are your teams thriving? How do you know? As a growth strategist, Karrie engages teams to determine how to use data successfully - what data to collect, how to organize it, how to make sense of it all, and how to ultimately use it to problem-solve.

Karrie holds degrees from UC Santa Cruz and Colorado State University, and stays actively involved in her community of Fort Collins, Colorado, where she serves on the District Advisory Board for Poudre School District, and the School Accountability Committee for her children’s elementary school. She plays an active role in workforce development, serving on the 2021 Colorado Behavioral Health Workforce Development workgroup, contributing strategic guidance to address workforce shortages, recruitment and retention methods, and workplace equity/diversity, and her strategies were incorporated into Colorado’s Blueprint for Behavioral Health Reform.

Karrie also coaches kids' hoops, cheers on the Denver Nuggets (with a soft spot for the Showtime Lakers she grew up with), and enjoys exploring the vast outdoor activities Fort Collins has to offer with her husband and two children.

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